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The Granville Blues Fest is an annual celebration of blues music held in Granville, a vibrant neighborhood known for its rich cultural heritage and love for the blues. This festival typically spans a weekend, drawing both local enthusiasts and blues aficionados from afar.

The event features an impressive lineup of regional and national talented blues musicians and bands, showcasing a diverse range of styles within the genre. From soulful ballads to electrifying guitar solos, attendees are treated to a dynamic array of performances that capture the essence of the blues.

In addition to live music, the Granville Blues Fest offers a variety of activities and attractions to engage visitors of all ages. Attendees can enjoy delicious food and beverages from local vendors, browse through artisanal crafts and merchandise at the market stalls, and participate in interactive workshops and demonstrations.

The festival creates a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, where people from all walks of life come together to appreciate the power and beauty of the blues. Whether you’re a seasoned blues enthusiast or simply looking to immerse yourself in a weekend of fantastic music and community spirit, the Granville Blues Fest promises an unforgettable experience for all who attend.


Friday, June 14

  • 6:00-7:30pm Nicholas Alexander
  • 8:00-9:30pm Sheryl Youngblood

Saturday, June 15

  • 12:30-2:00pm Stephen Hull
  • 2:30-3:30pm Tonite Only
  • 4:00-5:30pm Mandalyn & the Head Hunters
  • 6:00-7:30pm Chicago Blues All-Stars
  • 8:00-9:30pm Carlos Johnson

Sunday June 16

  • 2:00-3:30pm Brother John Kattke
  • 4:00-5:30pm NuBlu Band featuring Carlise Guy
  • 6:00-7:30pm Ivan Singh
  • 8:00-9:30pm Mike Wheeler


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    8633 W Brown Deer Rd

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    Friday, June 14

    Fri. June 14, 6:00-7:30pM

    Nicholas Alexander

    Bio & Videos

    It’s been said that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and this certainly applies to up-and-coming bluesman Nicholas Alexander. As the son of legendary musician Linsey Alexander, he honed his guitar skills at the hands of the original “Hoochie Man.”

    The elder Alexander has certainly been a huge presence in his son’s life. Nick is fiercely protective of his father and preserving his legacy. Whether it’s filling in for his dad during the Delmark tribute at the 2023 Chicago Blues Festival or sitting in at one of his gigs at a northside club, Nicholas Alexander has honored his father in many ways.

    One of Alexander’s early memories is hearing his dad jam on the song “Mona Lisa was a Man” from his Days are so Long album. This tune impacted the son in a big way as it was one of the first songs that Nicholas learned to play on his guitar. Now, it also stands as the first single to be released from his upcoming album.

    During a recent phone interview, Alexander stressed that his dad “has some pretty awesome music and needs to be heard.” Alexander also said that he is proud that the album includes songs from his dad “who has always been my inspiration on this musical journey.”

    “Lil Hoochie” Alexander said that he plays his dad’s Les Paul gold top guitar on “Mona Lisa was a Man,” so “it’s kind of a full circle thing.” Making the musical moment even sweeter is the fact that he got the guitar after winning a bet with the elder Alexander.

    To get his dad’s music out to the masses, Alexander assembled an all-star band of Chicago musicians including Melvin Carlisle on drums, bass player David Forte, guitarist Brian Lupo, Roosevelt Purifoy Junior on organ, and Dan Souvigny on keys and guitar. His horn section is comprised of Derrick Tate, Ryan Nyther, and Royce Harrington-Turner. Bryant Parke was called upon for background vocals and congo duties. Connor Korte served as Alexander’s producer, and the music was mixed and mastered by Fil Kinetic at Berwyn Recording Studios.

    Alexander said that he is grateful that his dad “knows a lot of people, and I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with them” on this album. He also noted that it was planned in a span of two weeks, and it was recorded in just eight hours as the creative process was in overdrive throughout.

    Although he was born into the blues and has been involved in the business for a long time, Nicholas Alexander refuses to be pigeonholed. He said that “I’m not trying to stay away from the blues or change the music” but is intent on “bringing something a little bit different” to the blues table. He added that he is a big fan of the energy of sixties and seventies soul music.


    Fri. June 14, 8:00-9:30PM

    Sheryl Youngblood

    Bio & Videos

    To hear and see vocalist, drummer and keyboardist Sheryl Youngblood perform is to be dazzled by her talent and uplifted by her soulful treatments of Blues, Gospel and R&B. Up-tempo numbers are body-shaking tent revival-esque, while her sorrowful bluesy numbers walk a redemptive road from sadness towards elation. Many old timers have declared that singing the blues was a way out of the blues. Owing to Sheryl’s vivacious performing style, one is absolutely catapulted from the start.
    Upbeat, positive but introspective, recent Delmark Records’ artist Youngblood is currently celebrating her newly released digital single titled “Every Single Day of Your Life” as a tribute to its writer, Jimmy Johnson. Recorded live during the label’s 70th Anniversary All-Star Band gig at Evanston S.P.A.C.E., the song about making every minute count is a perfect representation of her outlook.
    “I want to put out the best music possible and I want my music to touch people all over the world. With God’s help it will!!”
    Since the single’s launch in December of ‘23, Youngblood is finishing up a new full-length CD with production support from Mississippi Heat’s Pierre Lacocque, scheduled to drop in ’24.
    “I’m enjoying being in the studio with great musicians and I‘m excited when I see things come together.”
    Youngblood’s childhood in Joliet is steeped in music. Her mother, Gwendolyn Youngblood was the leader of a Gospel group, The Royal Harmonetts at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. For many years, young Sheryl literally sat at her feet while her mama played piano at home. As she grew a little older she picked up the keyboards on her own, playing the church organ or piano while her mother and deacon father joined meetings after services.
    “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in the church. As a child, I paid close attention to all musicians including my mother who was an exceptional vocalist and pianist. The first instrument I remember playing was the piano as I sat with my mother while she instructed me on how to play.”
    And since her brother played drums on a kit at home it was only natural that she picked them up too.
    “During the course of me playing the organ, I began playing on my brother’s snare drum. I started thinking the organ was more challenging and time consuming. So, a drummer was born!”
    Once recruited by the church’s minister of music to sit in on drums when the regular percussionist was a no-show, she continued to flourish in the ensemble as a brilliant time-keeper.
    The church experience helped her singing too, as a children’s choir was her first foray into the public arena. At age 13 or 14, she formed her own girl-group Sisters, in which she sang and played organ. Sheryl’s territory expanded in her late teens by trekking to Chicago for gigs with blues artists such as Roy Hytower, Otis Clay, Artie “Blues Boy” White and Bobby “Slim” James. An eventual permanent move resulted in a Grammy Award with Rev. Milton R. Brunson and the Thompson Community Singers and even a stint with Chicago classic doo-woppers, The Spaniels.
    This broad range of styles had served Ms. Youngblood well and, with the encouragement of Spaniels’ bassist, Billy Shelton, Sheryl went out on her own to form two all-women groups: Ultimately Blessed and a still thriving rousing funk and r&b show band called SAYYES!
    When further asked to describe her musical path and assorted inspirations, Sheryl reflects back.
    “Of course, singing came first, because any child growing up in the church started singing by belting out those hymns and then getting in the children’s choir,”
    “Listening to my mom sing intimidated me because her vocals were so exceptional. I would just sing kind of low. She was my biggest influence. Gosh, if you had only heard her voice! After my mother comes Pastor Isaac Singleton Sr. in terms of influence. From there, Michael Jackson, Prince, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Patty LaBelle, Gladys Knight, Minnie Riperton, Ella Fitzgerald were impactful, and the list goes on and on and on and on! I have learned something from each and every one of these vocalists. ”
    “My father, my brothers and sister are my strongest other-than-musical influences. Being the baby of the family, I have learned something from each and every one of them, whether it be how to stand up straight, how to be hard, how to be soft, how to speak, how to listen—each one of them has contributed greatly to my being who I am.”
    Youngblood doesn’t use the word ‘heroes,‘ per say.
    “I like a lot of the blues artist like, of course, Koko Taylor for multiple reasons: she was a female band leader, she wrote a good number of her own songs and she was one of the very few female vocalists that the guys would call on to perform with them.”
    “BB King, Buddy Guy, Tyrone Davis, Bobby Blue Bland, Bobby ‘Slim’ James, Bobby Rush, Johnny Taylor, Artie ‘Blues Boy’ White, Otis Clay, Denise LaSalle, Big Time Sarah and Sister Rosetta Tharpe are a few others.”
    Youngblood’s enthusiasm is infectious and moves her to dance when in front of a driving band.
    “What I do on stage comes from the heart — it’s not rehearsed and not made up. ”
    “It’s impromptu,” she says adamantly.
    “Some things I do on stage I just do. And when I get the audience’s response, I keep it in my show. For example, when I started drumming on the mic stand, the response was so overwhelming it’s now a part of my performance. My stage craft comes from the audience!”
    “When the sound mix on stage is on point, the band is on fire, tight, grooving and jelling off of each other and it’s thunderous, the band vibes are great, the audience is receptive, and participating and we are all having a GRRRRReat time….!! Those are my best moments on stage.”
    Youngblood’s talents go beyond her musical and vocal expertise as she is also a powerful band leader.
    “I have an idea of how I want a band to look and sound. Having that idea, I set out to pull together musicians with that in mind. Being a female band leader came with a lot of push-back from some musicians and, because of it, I made it my business to stick and stay. Leading a band is not easy. Those who think it is have never done it. To quote Forrest Gump: ‘That’s all I have to say about that!!’ ‘’
    Keeping it real and down to earth is Sheryl Youngblood’s stock-in-trade and her propensity for exuding positive vibes on and off the stage is her calling card. Saying YES has put Sheryl’s hard-earned career on the rise. And she is destined for many more YES moments!
    “With God’s help they’ll come,” she affirms.
    “As long as we continue to do what we do and love what we do, the Blues and all other styles of music will live on healthy and strong.“


    Saturday, June 15

    Sat. June 15, 12:30-2:00pm

    Steven Hull

    Bio & Videos

    The Stephen Hull Experience gives the blues community exciting evidence that the future of music is in good hands. Born in 1999, a native of Racine, Wisconsin, Stephen Hull started playing blues at age 14 and never stopped, taking cues from Albert King and B.B. King as he developed his sweet, soulful guitar sound. Balancing that with his absolutely stellar lead vocals and infectiously buoyant personality, Stephen has been rising fast in the blues clubs of Chicago and venues across southeastern Wisconsin. Appearing  in blues magazines such as Living Blues (U.S.) and Blues & Rhythm: The Gospel Truth (UK), Stephen has been interviewed by a myriad of media including Lake Effect (broadcast on Milwaukee’s NPR). From the Chicago Blues Fest to the Mississippi Valley Blues Fest, The Stephen Hull Experience is making headlines.

    Sat. June 15, 2:30-3:30pm

    Tonite Only

    Bio & Videos

    Tonight Only has entertaining audiences in the Milwaukee Metro area since 2014.  From Clapton, Santana and the Allman Brothers to Steely Dan and Tom Petty, their mix of blues, classic rock, and other favorites from the 60’s to the present has something for everyone.  Tonight Only has regularly performed at the Granville Blues Fest, The Wilson Center for the Arts, Wisconsin State Fair and numerous other festivals and club venues.  The band members have decades of experience and bring polish, professionalism, and fun to any musical event.

    Sat. June 15, 4:00-5:30pm

    Mandalyn & the Head Hunters

    Bio & Videos

    Mandalyn hales from NW Indiana (the region). She was born with a love of music in her soul. Being classically trained, Mandalyn started competing in various competitions at a young age. In her late teens, she started performing at live venues. Mandalyn’s background includes studio work, voice overs, vocals, song writing, and solo recordings. Her experiences have prepared her to be a successful front woman in a multi genre band for over 15 years. Mandalyn has decided to take a different approach with her music, her new breakout single “WRECKED” released spring 2020. “WRECKED” is a sultry mix of powerhouse vocals, crying strats, and an overall seductive blues sound that will leave you breathless. Produced by none other than Tony TC Coleman who is also the heartbeat of the single playing the drums. The single also features a one of a kind mix of guitarists Bart Walker and Brian Allen taking it to another level. Frank Ray Jr on keys/organ adds the perfect combination of sound to the single which will take the blues world by storm. Mandalyn has much more to come with future singles releasing soon. With inspiration for her music deriving from amazing female vocalists like Beth Hart, Amy Lee, and Ann Wilson the blues world has an amazing surprise in store for them! For now, she continues to make the best of life doing the thing she loves most…….. Music.

    Sat. June 15, 6:00-7:30PM

    Chicago Blues All-Stars

    Bio & Videos

    Chicago Blues All-Stars is an American blues band based in Chicago that incorporates elements of funk, soul, R&B and hip hop. Chicago Blues All-Stars is made up of musicians that have been together as friends and musicians for four decades. Chicago Blues All-Stars has received radio play on over 200 stations in 22 countries. Since the album’s release in December 2013, the band has remained at the top of ReverbNation’s Chicago and US Blues charts. Red, Hot & Blue broke Top 25 on Living Blues Radio Report, as well as reached Top 30 on the Roots Music Report. The album has been listed as number 35 on AirPlay Direct’s – All Time Top 50 APD Blues/Jazz/Reggae Album.


    Sat. June 15, 8:00-9:30pm

    Carlos Johnson

    Bio & Videos

    Carlos Johnson is a maestro of the blues whose music resonates with the raw emotions and soulful rhythms of the genre. Carlos is a virtuoso guitarist and vocalist, weaving tales of love, loss, and the human experience through his heartfelt melodies and poignant lyrics. With a style deeply rooted in the traditions of blues legends like B.B. King and Albert King, Carlos brings a contemporary flair that captivates audiences and pays homage to the rich history of the blues. Whether he’s belting out a soul-stirring ballad or tearing it up with electrifying riffs, Carlos Johnson’s performances are a testament to the enduring power and enduring relevance of the blues. Get ready to be transported on a musical journey through the heartland of America with Carlos Johnson at the helm.

    Sunday, June 16

    Sun. June 16, 2:00-3:30pm

    Brother John Kattke

    Bio & Videos

    Brother John Kattke has been a resident musician at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago for over 30 years.  Through his work with Chicago blues greats Buddy Guy & Otis Rush, he has jammed with Eric Clapton, Steve Miller, auditioned for the Black Crowes (in 1998, but they hired Jimmy Page instead), and acquired ringing endorsements from many other musicians of renown. For example: Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant had seen John play with Otis Rush at the Jazz Café in London. When Plant and Kattke met in person at the United Center in Chicago, Plant told Kattke: “You play a mean guitar!” George Benson came to the jam session that Kattke hosts at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago. After hearing the opening set that John played with his band, Benson told him: “You’re fearless! I thought I was fearless! You’re fearless!”
    In terms of the condition of full-time musicians in Chicago, “Brother” John Kattke is a privileged witness. For more than a quarter of a century he has scoured the clubs of the city, taking turns on guitar or keyboards, when he’s not directing studio horn arrangements or playing keyboards on some albums, such as the latest Toronzo Cannon release, “The Chicago Way.” Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, Matt Murphy, Junior Wells, he accompanied them all at a time or another.
    “Clubs may not be as generous as the past in terms of earnings, their business has become more complicated, but the circuit is not dead, he assures. So you have to adapt, as it has always been more or less the case. As far as I am concerned, I’ll admit that I earn my living by playing with a dozen different groups or artists.”

    Sun. June 16, 4:00-5:30pm

    NuBlu Band — Featuring Carlise Guy

    Bio & Videos

    Carlise Guy and the Nu Blu Band are a dynamic force in the contemporary blues scene, captivating audiences with their electrifying performances and soulful interpretations of classic blues tunes. Led by the exceptionally talented Carlise Guy, daughter of the legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy, this band brings a fresh and modern twist to the genre while honoring its rich heritage.
    With Carlise at the helm, the Nu Blu Band delivers powerhouse vocals, blistering guitar solos, and tight-knit rhythms that command attention and stir the soul. Their sound seamlessly blends traditional blues with elements of funk, soul, and rock, creating a high-energy experience that leaves listeners mesmerized.
    But it’s not just about the music with Carlise Guy and the Nu Blu Band; it’s about the passion and emotion they infuse into every note they play. Whether they’re belting out heartfelt ballads or igniting the stage with infectious grooves, their genuine love for the music shines through, connecting with audiences on a profound level.
    Beyond their musical prowess, Carlise Guy and her bandmates exude charisma and charisma on stage, engaging crowds with their magnetic presence and infectious enthusiasm. They create an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie, inviting fans to join them on a journey through the heart and soul of the blues.
    For fans of electrifying live music and authentic blues experiences, Carlise Guy and the Nu Blu Band are a must-see act, guaranteed to leave you exhilarated, inspired, and longing for more.


    Sun. June 16, 6:00-7:30pm

    Ivan Singh

    Bio & Videos

    Ivan Singh is a Latino Blues Guitarist and Singer from Argentina, recently moved to Chicago with great acceptance in the Blues community and a growing FanBase of all ages and ethnicities.

A Rising Blues Sensation in Chicago with his Unique Style “LatinBlues” developed from his Spanglish lyrics, Homemade 4 string Guitar “Lata de Batata”, and 6 Piece Band which includes a Horn Section.

In addition to concerts around the States, Singh also tours in more than 9 Different countries between America, Europe, and Asia, where in 2023, he performed in “Mahindra Blues Fest India” alongside Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, and Kingfish Ingram.

As a “Gibson Guitars Artist”, Ivan Singh’s 2024 Tour includes “Chicago Blues Festival”, “Telluride Blues and Brews Fest”, Millenium Park SummerSeries and many other lineup’s with some of the biggest names in the industry today.


    Sun. June 16, 8:00-9:30pm

    Mike Wheeler Band

    Bio & Videos

    The Mike Wheeler Blues Band
    A Granville Blues Fest favorite, Mike Wheeler has a vast knowledge of music and a voice that’s reminiscent of the late Sam Cooke. He can sing and play everything so well that you may forget what the original record even sounds like. From Jazz to Rock, from popular music to Top 40, he slides in and out of musical genres with sophistication, ease and indulgence. Mike Wheeler is a brilliant staple in the Chicago blues community, playing and writing songs for a variety of Chicago artists including, Nellie Tiger Travis, Peaches Staten, Sam Cockrell, Demetria Taylor, Big Ray & Cadillac Dave. Mike was a well known member of Big James &The Chicago Playboys, a notable band in Chicago and recorded five albums with the group. He has travelled the world as an ambassador for Chicago blues music. He’s been to Monaco, France, Switzerland, Spain and Belgium, just to name a few. He’s also shared the stage with the most elite musicians the world has known, including Willie Kent, Koko Taylor, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, George Benson, Jimmy Johnson and Shemekia Copeland. Mike was inducted in the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame in 2014.
Mike uses Elixir Strings.
    Larry Williams is a Bass Extraordinaire with unmatched stage presence and charisma. Influenced by artists such as Bennie Williams, Jerome Scott, Sam Cockrell, Larry Graham, James Jamerson, Willie Dixon, Stanley Clarke and Verdine White just to name a few. Larry’s style is clean and driving, reminiscent of the late greats yet modern, enabling him to play with the best in the business. From Gospel to Alternative, Larry can play it all. He has played on national and international stages. He has performed with Albertina Walker, Tyrone Davis, James Cotton, Jimmy Johnson, Buddy Guy, Vicki Winans, Koko Taylor, B.B. King and George Benson along with countless others. He has recorded on three major blues labels: Alligator, Blind Pig and Delmark Records. He is a true example of someone who knows what he was born to do!!
Larry uses Elixir Strings.
    Cleo Cole began playing drums at the age of 10. He was influenced by his older brother Jethero Cole. Cleo played in his grammar and high school bands and also attended the Conservatory of Music where he was taught by Peter Romalis. He then began playing around town with various artists such as Doug McDonald, Alvin Cash, Floyd Taylor, Zora Young, Maurice John Vaughn, Shirley King, Big James, Nellie Travis, Peaches Staten, Sam Cockrell and Pistol Pete. His influences are Omar Hakim, Dennis Chambers, Billy Cobham, Bernard”Pretty”Purdie, Killer Ray Allison, Willie “Big Eyes”Smith and Willie “The Touch” Hayes. He has traveled all over the world. He was part of the Legendary Blues Cruise 2011 where he bonded with his fellow drummers. Cleo plays Yamaha Maple Customs and has a stick endorsement with Vic Firth. He has recorded on Blind Pig and Delmark Records. Cleo Cole is a drummer that you must see and hear for yourself!!

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