The Granville Ambassadors Removed the Litter

Now the Ambassadors Need an Opportunity

If you need employees, our Ambassadors know how to work with a smile & are eager to learn

Where did all the litter go? Recall years ago … before there was a Granville Business Improvement District … there was an invasion of litter in Granville. There was litter everywhere on the corridors….it was an eye sore and an embarrassment. Thanks to the Granville BID’s partnership with the Riverworks Development Corporation (RDC) and RDC’s Neighborhood Ambassador Program (NAP) the litter situation is under control. Beginning in April and ending in November the neighborhood ambassadors tirelessly clean the area and pick up the trash near Brown Deer Road and North 76th Street

A lot of trash was removed in 2018. How much?

  • 1,358 total 5-gallon buckets collected (Equivalent to 453 large trash bags)
  • High removal of 60 buckets on April 24th
  • Low removal of 10 on June 15th

What else did the ambassadors do?

  • 1,600 Flyers distributed throughout the BID neighborhood
  • Two major/flagship events supported (Grandioso and Car Show)
  • Over 72 hours of Professional Development for young professionals
  • 32 weeks of workforce coaching for ambassadors

Now the ambassadors need full employment? Who are these people?

  • Justin Jenkins
  • Ervin Johnson, Jr.
  • Shaunta Gibbs

Our ambassadors know how to work, will work in rain and sleet with a smile, and are hungry to start a career. If you need employees who can be trained and our future oriented, please contact me at I will forward information for you to possibly give a deserving youth their first opportunity.

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