Granville’s Denny’s Celebrates Veterans and Hits a Grand Slam

Although it was pouring rain outdoors on the morning of November 11, 2021, military members, friends, and families gathered to celebrate Veterans Day at Denny’s Restaurant located on Brown Deer in Granville, Wisconsin. The moment one arrived you could notice the clean and welcoming atmosphere and the tidbits of laughter and small talk going on inside the restaurant’s cozy setting. As you walked past the tables your eyes could not help but notice fluffy buttermilk pancakes, sausage, buttermilk biscuits, hash brown and eggs being served along with the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the air. Although many of the tables were filled with regular customers from the community you also noticed men and women wearing their military regalia, military coats and hats worn by the veterans enjoying the Build Your Own Grand Slam breakfast with more than 10 breakfast choices offered to members of the military by Denny’s restaurants around the country. Seated amongst them were friends and families listening to the many stories shared stories about their service to our country.

Denny’s restaurants work to ensure the best-in-class practices for operations, customer service and cleaning to deliver high-quality food and safely to welcome guests back in dining rooms and they held true to their reputation. I spoke with the Manager Kim who was on duty, as she happily buzzed around to customers tables greeting her guests and ensuring their comfort. I asked her what made this day so special for her, she replied ‘that this my way of helping in paying back and forth for what these soldiers did for us.” Kim said, “It is my pleasure to welcome them and ensure they have the best possible experience today. Last year the crowd was small, but this year were seeing a lot of folks joining us.”

Towards the back of the room where four veterans who had come in from Cedarburg to meet up and share their stories of their service and they were very glad to talk about some of their memories with me. Tom served in Vietnam, Rodger served in Germany in 1961, Chuck served in the Korean War, in 1952 and Joel was a marine who told of his recent event on the Star N Strips Honor Flight to Washington DC. He happily spoke on how the group were greeted upon their arrival in Baltimore’s airport. “There were hundreds of people there to meet us and we toured several Washington DC memorial places.” His friend Roger also commented and said, “it’s an honor every day to get up and it’s really a bonus for us.”

I also met up with Thomas and his fiancé Shirley. Shirley said she was there to support her fiancé and was waiting for her brothers who were coming shortly to join them. She comes from a military family and always celebrates this very special day with them. Thomas said, “I really appreciate the Build Your Own Breakfast along with a cup of coffee. He said, ”it is great that the restaurant offers this celebration. I served in the Vietnam army, and it makes me feel good to know somebody still cares.”

This Veteran’s Day celebration at Denny’s made a lot of people happy and grateful for those military men and women, active and inactive that we will forever appreciate their bravery.

Whether you are a member of the military or civilian, you are always welcomed to enjoy the hospitality of staff members and the delicious meals served at Denny’s.

(Incidentally, Denny’s also offers a free Build Your Own Grand Slam on your birthday.)

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