Take the Pledge!

I acknowledge three things:

( 1 )
The violence, oppression, inequity, injustice, and hate in our world has to stop.

( 2 )
I have a responsibility and role to play in creating social change for a more just, humane, equitable, and peaceful world.

( 3 )
The decision is mine whether to do nothing in this moment, or to have the courage to stand up for justice.

And I have made my decision.

Starting today, I make a personal choice to BE LOVE.

  • I pledge to allow love to drive my thoughts, words, decisions, and actions, and honor the humanity of every individual.
  • I pledge to speak the truth to power in love.
  • I pledge to focus on defeating injustice and not destroying the person.
  • I pledge to support leaders who demonstrate a love for humanity.
  • I pledge to promote unity and refuse to perpetuate or magnify division.
  • I pledge to demonstrate a life of courage, care, and compassion as I boldly confront anything that stands in opposition to love.

By signing this pledge, I’m helping to create what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called The Beloved Community.

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