How Cultural Competence Drives Organizational Success

October 11, 2018


Hilton Garden Park Place
1600 W. Park Place

Learn how to enhance productivity through cultural competence & inclusion

Granville has its own personality and is unique in workforce – we are diverse in every aspect of the word. And yes, the word includes everything: there is the usual: ethnicity, race, age, gender, and religion and the other often overlooked: parents, single, marital status, sandwich generation, widowed, divorced, student, life learner, pet parent, school affiliation, place of birth, team preference, music preference, etc.

Cultural and diversity issues impact us every day and unless first level supervisors, managers, supervisors, company influencers, sales and customer service, and C-Suite personnel keep these issues on the forefront of every decision and communication the impact can be negative or positive.

The Granville BID is bringing a NEW exploration of the issue to Granville on Thursday, October 11 from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. to give you a new frame of reference, new views, and new outlooks on this topic.
We partnered with the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Professional and Executive Development to bring this enlightening, thought provoking and practical ½ day discussion and learning experience.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Any business or company that has employees and customers.

WHO FROM THE BUSINESS SHOULD ATTEND: Preferably a team representative of first line supervisors, influencers, sales, and C-Suite employees.

WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND: To assure you respect cultural competence and commit to being inclusive to all your employees and customers.

WHEN: Thursday, October 11 from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

WHERE: The Hilton Garden Park Place, 11600 W. Park Place in Granville (Google Map).

COST: Free to ALL Granville BID members & employees.

RSVP: | Mary Hoehne 414-736-2891

See YOUR team on October 11.


Mary Hoehne
Granville Business Improvement District
Executive Director

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