State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, Senator Lena Taylor, and Representative LaKeshia Myers Visit Black-Owned Businesses in Granville.

In celebration of Black-Owned Business Month Granville hosted State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, Senator Lena Taylor, Representative LaKeshia Myers and their guests with visiting several Black-Owned Businesses on 76th Street in the Granville area of Milwaukee. The first stop was at the Connection, where they met with Executive Director Mary Hoehne, of the Granville Business Improvement District, who explained to them about the exciting retail incubators that will be setting up businesses in the Connection and providing various resources for the community.

They also met with Marquita Edwards, The Community and Retail Liaison for Granville Business Improvement District, who then preceded to bring them to some of the nearby Black owned Business located on 76th Street. They were happily greeted by the store owners at Adom African Market, Mchete’s African Treasures, the Igbo Community Center, and Falling Into Loving Arms Daycare.

Each visit helped both the business owners and the State Representatives to better understand the dedication and the work of these entrepreneurs and the important services they provide to their community. In a press release, dated August 23, 2022, from the office of the State Treasurer/ State of Wisconsin, Sarah Godlewski had this to say upon her visit…

“I am grateful to the wonderful business owners we met for sharing their stories with us, and I’m so happy that Representative Myers and Senator Taylor joined for these tours,” said Treasurer Godlewski. “During Black Business Month, it’s important to remember that businesses like the ones we visited yesterday are not only essential to their communities but create jobs to support our state’s economy. We must continue to find ways to support Black-Owned businesses year-round.”

Representative Myers was quoted that,

“Black businesses have been essential to rebounding our economy. They also help circulate dollars within our neighborhoods by providing goods and services to the community. As big box retailers have downsized their footprint across the country, small minority-owned businesses have filled the gap. Black Business Month is a celebration of these entrepreneurs.”

In that same press release, Senator Lena Taylor said,

“This was a great opportunity for these Black-Owned businesses to connect with the state, as a state, we should do everything in our power to support locally and Black-Owned businesses.”

Many thanks to our Business store owners who participated and greeted our State Representatives with such warm and enjoyable hospitality.

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