2019 Incumbent Workforce Training

The Granville BID once again provides unique opportunities to train and grow your employees. The Granville Incumbent Workforce Training Program gives your employees three opportunities to grow – designed to educate, motivate, and encourage your employees, and provide you with a better, more productive workforce.

The Granville Workforce Training Program is unique to Granville. We are the only area bringing employees together from different companies to share, brainstorm, learn, and engage while improving their skills and adding to their value at your company.


The Granville Roundtables revealed two types of computer training opportunities needed desperately

Basic computer skills and all levels of Excel: Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced.

We heard you and we are offering on-site training at your office. You design the class – We will deliver.

  • Computer Basics
  • Microsoft Excel

Classes can be as small as three employees and as large as eight.

  • Hands-on instruction
  • Taught in one 2-hour class intervals
  • Classes are offered from April 1 through July 1, 2019.

Call Amie Lippert at 414-326-5152 or email amie@granvillebusiness.org to schedule.

Cost: FREE to all BID members. BID will provide textbooks to SHARE.

The Granville Roundtables revealed a need in our bid for ESL for the workforce

Basic computer skills and all levels of Excel: Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced.

The Wisconsin Technical College System presented the Granville BID and MATC with a Workforce Advancement Training grant to develop a model program that will assist ESL employees be successful and excel at work.

The classes are designed to address employee/supervisor conversations, job instructions, job duties, reading comprehensive, and form applications.

The 10-week class begins Thursday, April 25 and ends Thursday, June 27th. They will meet weekly from 3-6 p.m. Workbooks will be provided.

Hurry and register your employees. The maximum number of attendees is 28. This is an opportunity for both you and your employees to engage more, enjoy work more, and be more productive and promotable.

This is open to ALL ESL employees. We invite people whose native language is NOT English. Open to all.

Call Amie Lippert at 414-326-5152 or email amie@granvillebusiness.org to register. Please plan on attending ALL 10 sessions.

Cost: FREE to BID members.

Irina Kournosova
English as a Second Language Instructor
MATC- North Campus

About the Instructor

I have been teaching ESL since 2000 after receiving my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Linguistics and Master of Arts Degree in ESL from Moscow State University.

I am a proud non-native English speaking teacher (I speak four languages), who has a very strong connection with her students of all nationalities, since I personally have gone through the process of acquiring English, which allows me a deeper insight into what linguistic or cultural difficulties my students might be experiencing. Plus, during the years of learning and teaching English, I have developed language learning techniques and strategies that prove to be very helpful for me and I successfully utilize them in my classroom.

Since 2013 I have been teaching ESL in all stages of language acquisition at MATC, where I am currently teaching level 1 and 2 students-often newly arrived immigrants or people who have lived in this country for some time, but have never studied English. I also teach Citizenship Preparation class and help students with their N-400 applications.

Prior to MATC, I taught at UWM in Intensive English Program and also helped immigrants at various non-profit organizations as a volunteer.

I feel a very strong connection with my students, because both my husband and I are naturalized U.S. citizens, who came to this country for better opportunities, and now it is my goal to help other immigrants to become successful members of the community and to provide a better living for themselves and their families.

I love to guide my students as they acquire English, and I consider myself fortunate to observe them as they progress!

The Granville Roundtables revealed an interest in providing training for first-time supervisors

We bring that training to you with our partnership with the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP’s) JI (Job Instruction) which improves the effectiveness of the shop floor leaders as teachers.

JI trains shop floor leaders how to become effective teachers. Perfect for the first-time supervisor promoted from within. The five-week course will:

  1. Reduce the time of boarding new employees
  2. Standardize work in place for each job
  3. Create a structured training process and methodology

Space is limited to 12 participants. There are five classes held every Wednesday from 7:30-11:30 beginning May 29 and ending June 26.

WMEP enhances the success of Wisconsin’s manufacturers by providing real-world knowledge in continuous improvement, business strategies, and best practices. Since 1996, WMEP has worked with over 4,000 companies to deliver over $4 billion in proven impact.

The collaboration with the Granville BID members is a model program that engages members of many organizations and encourages new revelations and ideas because of the cross pollination of manufacturers present.

Call Amie Lippert at 414-326-5152 or email amie@granvillebusiness.org to register. Please plan on attending ALL 10 sessions.

Cost: FREE to BID members.

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